Joseph Mutinda. AKRC. 15 Nov 2009.

Gilbert Koech 2:14:39
Laban Moiben 2:15:21
James Bolt 2:15:43
Joseph Mutinda 2:16:00
Noah Talam 2:17:43

My friend, Joseph Mutinda, finished the San Antonio RnR Marathon in fourth place. I stopped by to see the AKRC crew yesterday in San Antonio and sat in on the technical meeting for the elite runners. There was a field of 60 elite runners in this race. (As well as a total of 30,000 runners in general that participated). The entire AKRC group finished incredibly. I asked Joseph how he felt. He told me what he always says: That he will run the race exactly like he trained. Joseph, by default, became the lead in the film I just finished on the AmeriKenyan Running Club. He is super articulate, super humble and super fast. He told me that, this year, each race he competed in was better than the last one. He will race in the LA Marathon next year. Congratulations to AKRC – incredible job!

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