Not A Good Stepford Wife. 17 Dec 2009.

Paul Fischer: Do you need to be empathetic towards a character who is primarily unsympathetic? Tilda Swinton: You know it’s hard to imagine a human being whom one can’t find some sympathy for. But I’m not a performer who needs to love my characters or whatever they say. That’s not an issue for me. IContinue reading “Not A Good Stepford Wife. 17 Dec 2009.”

Glasstire. 23 Oct 2006.

(Newswire/Newswire) So cough it up, Austin – 10/23/06 – Rainey Knudson Austin art institutions are collaborating on a nudge-nudge-wink-wink for the recently monied of the city, bringing in Raymond Nasher and Linda Pace to join local collectors Jeanne and Michael Klein, big guns all, for a public discussion on collecting and philanthropy, Sunday, Nov. 12,Continue reading “Glasstire. 23 Oct 2006.”