Two Picasso’s. 27 Oct 2009.

Just as I suspected – traunched out. The English painter, Francis Bacon, once said: “I’m horribly excited”. To which, David Sylvester asked: “Horribly excited about what, Francis”? Bacon replied: “I’m horribly excited about nothing”. So much for existentialism… I painted four Picasso’s after I’d seen the Julian Schnabel Picasso re-make over the mantle in theContinue reading “Two Picasso’s. 27 Oct 2009.”

Test: Opening Credit Roll. Il Fait. 14 Oct 2009.

WILL REPOST VIDEO – BACK IN EDITING BAY This is test footage using various camera mounting systems. The hope was that it would be transferrable for some helicopter tracking shots. On second thought — I don’t think so… That was BBC 1 audio playing while footage was taken – a complete subset. We don’t wantContinue reading “Test: Opening Credit Roll. Il Fait. 14 Oct 2009.”

Art Department. vaughan + studio. Scene A12 DAY EXT. Take 32. 13 Oct 2009.

Let’s choose this one and be done with it. Right, Christian? I kept trying to plant the audio from the “Christian Bale On-Set-Blow-Up-Rant” that made the rounds not long ago into this post – but couldn’t get the audio formatting right. It is in the spirit of that rant, that I present these film posters…Continue reading “Art Department. vaughan + studio. Scene A12 DAY EXT. Take 32. 13 Oct 2009.”

Baader-Meinhof Komplex. The Film. 12 Oct 2009.

I saw the German film “Baader-Meinhof Komplex” yesterday. There was a scene in which a group of the RAF kill a German cabinet Minister in his home. As they are leaving the voice-over says: “…the Minister had no problem sending countless soldiers to their deaths in wars – but was dumbfounded when confronted with theContinue reading “Baader-Meinhof Komplex. The Film. 12 Oct 2009.”

Added: Santa Fe Film Festival. 10 Oct 2009.

I was beginning to worry for a moment that the only places that could appreciate the Kenyans were foreign countries. It’s really incredible having it screen in Santa Fe. OK. So, checklist: A. You get to film in Santa Fe, NM, B. you get to use great industry personnel, C. you get a 25% productionContinue reading “Added: Santa Fe Film Festival. 10 Oct 2009.”