Koi. 2 Mar 2013.


After much speculation about the koi fishes survivability over the winter, ice was broken away to reveal all fish happy and healthy. I suppose they realize that they’re not in Tokyo anymore, Dorothy. The screenplay, like the Koi, also survived, but not without some cutting and appending. It was a productive trip with everyone happy and healthy. Like the koi. There has to be a correlation, but no one at this point, has the energy to speculate…

I’ve never been a Spielberg film fan. I think his films are too commercial for my taste. You can’t say that about Steven Soderbergh. I’ve seen films of his that are flat and don’t come off, but ‘Side Effects’ is a beauty. He takes chances. Beautifully photographed. Every time I think that I’m not crazy about the hype of RED cameras –I change my mind when I see a film like this. Take a look.

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