Phillip van Kuren. Artist. 9 Nov 2009.


The McKinney Avenue Contemporary in Dallas, Texas will exhibit “FORTY YEARS of WORKS on PAPER, 1969 – 2009. 14 Nov – 19 Dec, 2009.

In a place… like Austin. You get a lot of… well, he’s a painter but he doesn’t paint or she’s writer but she doesn’t write or a dancer that doesn’t dance or Oh! she’s an ex-wife of an ex-mayor… It can get slightly confusing. In with the good and out with the bad…

My friend, PvK, is an artist. Phillip is also the Director of the Pollock Gallery at SMU which, like the Meadows Museum, can hold it’s own… Not just locally but internationally. And that’s the whole point. Isn’t it, Austin?

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