Please allow me to introduce… 21 Feb 2010.

The Covington post below is there – because I’m working on a screenplay. I’ve been using these posts as sort of a vehicle/marker of sorts to log certain thoughts. Right. My thoughts from yesterday.

But, anyway(s), there is a climbing scene in the screenplay – and – yes- that’s why it’s posted here (and there).. Because it’s fresh in the memory banks… It made me think that when we were at 15,000 feet on McKinley. Hamish McInnes and a climbing buddy passed through our camp on their way to – it might have been the Cassin Ridge. So Hamish tells us a funny story. He said he’s climbing on Everest and they’re at the 23,000 foot level. They’re on fixed lines and from below them come two German climbers who have been listening to the World Soccer match between Scotland and Germany. As the Germans pass Hamish & Company on a fixed line, they tell him ‘it looks like Germany is beating your country at it’s National game’. Hamish, not missing a beat says: ‘Aye, but we’ve beaten you at your National games twice now’. (Meaning WWI and WWII, just in case you have no sense of world history, or non-linearity ain’t your thing). YEEOOWWW!

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