Hausfrau. 20 Feb 2010.

I saw the craziest thing two nights ago in Austin. This ‘painter’ that does renderings; they’re not paintings – they’re literal copies of these heavily manipulated still lives. So renderings. What do you do? Renderings. It was such a strange mindfuck. I have no idea how long she spends on them. (They look laboured over). That SNL skit came to mind. The one where they say (I’m paraphrasing): ‘The Italian Renaissance called and they want their archaic painting style back.’ LOL. I wondered if she knew that the camera had been invented? And could do exactly what she was doing with a lot more ease. And credibility, for that matter. It really is true. When Joseph Beuys said: ‘Everyone is an artist’. I don’t think he meant it literally. The artists that we admire – actually think. And thinking usually leads to originality. Which propels society forward – not backward…(Unless you’re not good at thinking, of course). A lot of this junk is like someone reading a newspaper article and then reciting it back – like a parrot. Verbatim. Don’t tell us what you read (and we read) – tell us what you THINK. Very different. Ain’t it? Thus the expression: I ain’t intalented and increative. Really?

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