Queremos paz. We are here to join the Rebels. 30 Sept 2009.

I woke up a few mornings ago totally sickened by what art has become of late. As Basquiat tagged: “THE WHOLE LIVERY LINE BOW LIKE THIS WITH THE BIG MONEY ALL CRUSHED INTO THESE FEET.” Art has become a proper whore’s circus. When Beuy’s said: “Everyone is an artist.” I don’t think he meant it literally (sorry literalistas & rock stars); especially the shallow, fake stuff that you see foisted everywhere today. But I thought why even make art if it’s the bastion of whores, poseurs and phillistines?

If everyone could buy and wear a pair of eyeglasses and call themselves an artist, then… Oh?? They’ve done it? Shit. Anyway.

After brooding over it – I just decided who cares? Mingers, all. Fuck it. Carry on.

Published by William Vaughan

filmmaker, artist

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