Queremos paz. We are here to join the Rebels. 30 Sept 2009.

I woke up a few mornings ago totally sickened by what art has become of late. As Basquiat tagged: “THE WHOLE LIVERY LINE BOW LIKE THIS WITH THE BIG MONEY ALL CRUSHED INTO THESE FEET.” Art has become a proper whore’s circus. When Beuy’s said: “Everyone is an artist.” I don’t think he meant itContinue reading “Queremos paz. We are here to join the Rebels. 30 Sept 2009.”

Je m’appelle… Pinochet. 22 Sept 2009.

Dog? Dictator? You decide… This is one of my fishing buddies from the Big Wood river in Ketchum, ID. He appeared out of nowhere. He barked. He swam. He got an assist on a 13″ trout. He told bust-a-gut jokes. You know how boring casting can get, right? The bottom snap is the front doorContinue reading “Je m’appelle… Pinochet. 22 Sept 2009.”

Larry Madaras. Feature Film Editor. 4 Sept 2009.

Hey Ed, The technique of showing an action oriented clip from near the end of a movie at the beginning has a long history. Sometimes it’s planned, often it isn’t and is implemented to pump a movie that isn’t working. The basic idea is to increase “the jeopardy” that the audience feels for the bulkContinue reading “Larry Madaras. Feature Film Editor. 4 Sept 2009.”