McH. 25 Jan 2017.

“The further and deeper you go, the less the influences have an impact on [your music],” McHenry said. “I’m trying to get in tune with that. There’s a place that any of us have … where you listen to it and it goes past the point where some kind of style is relevant, where you really just feel it. I want to be able to tap into that … and find out what comes out of that.”

McHenry’s approach remains fairly consistent in spite of the disparate music styles. “The stuff around me might be a lot different,” he said, “but the way I deal with melody and harmony is not going to be that different, whether it’s on a structure or not on a structure. It’s based around what kind of notes and what kind of ideas I think sound good. And the clearer [of a] conception you have of that, then the less effect a structure will have on you.”

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