Lucas. 6 Dec 2016.

“Without two [parents], the emotional need is always there. You don’t have that level of sharing. But also, you don’t have to compromise. But let’s face it,” he added somewhat wistfully, “I’d rather be married. But I’m not. As you grow up, you understand that there is no such thing as a perfect life.”2

When asked about his love life in 2005 on 60 Minutes, Lucas laughed out loud. “What love life?” he said. “It hasn’t changed much.… I’d love to get married again, but I’m not gonna get married unless it’s the right person.” He admitted that at his age, he was set in his ways and could be “difficult,” but thought that “whomever I’d be interested in now is also the same way.”3 Coppola, interviewed for a 60 Minutes piece on Lucas several years earlier, thought the problem was that Lucas had “very high standards. I mean, he wants Queen Noor or Grace Kelly or someone,” said Coppola. “She can’t be too tall, she has to be wonderful with kids.” But Lucas immediately dismissed the accusation that he was too picky. “I speak for those who are the single ones, to say, ‘I am not picky[…]”

Excerpt From: Brian Jay Jones. “George Lucas.” Little, Brown and Company, 2016-12-06. 

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