Mr Kushner? 16 Nov 2016.

Mr. Kushner, dressed in a navy blue suit, white shirt and polka-dot tie, told the judge that while he did not believe he was as saintly as his lawyers and the letters sent to the judge on his behalf would suggest, neither was he as evil as the prosecution portrayed him. He nonetheless acknowledged that “the actions which bring me before you today were disgraceful and reprehensible.”
Mr. Kushner, who will continue to be free on $5 million bail, was ordered to surrender on May 9 to begin serving his sentence at a federal prison at a military base in Montgomery, Ala. He was also ordered to pay a $40,000 fine.

After the sentencing, Mr. Christie said he was pleased. “It shows that no matter how rich and powerful you are in this state you will be prosecuted and punished for crimes you commit,” he said. “This sends a strong message that when you commit the vile and heinous acts that he has committed you will be caught and punished.”


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