Post. 18 Jul 2016.

This couple pulled into a restaurant that I was having dinner. The entire evening — they never said a word to each other. Did I care? No; but they were sitting directly in my frame and observation was unavoidable.

Were they:

1. At the end of a three year relationship?

2. An escort? Talking was optional?

3. An escort? Talking was an upcharge?

4. He was not a brilliant conversationalist, so none of it mattered?


I was at Marmont for drinks one night last year. There was a couple that looked a lot like the one you see here. She throws a drink in his face. Ice flies everywhere. We weren’t super close and ice landed on our table. She yelled briefly at the top of her lungs at him. “Selfish pig.” The entire bar went eerily silent. Pin drop time. There’s a musical term for big volume increases followed by lower volume passages. This was that. Dynamics; but there’s an operatic term that I can’t get hold of… If you were mixing a song you would have applied compression. It was very cool to see and hear it ascend and collapse in such a small timeframe.

I thought it was beautiful.

Bravo! Well done.

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