JM. 9 Dec 2012.

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My friend, Joseph Mutinda, and lead character in my film on the Kenyans ‘chasing KEINO’, raced in the Dallas Marathon today and placed 2nd. One second behind the winner. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Ed,thanks,i tried to run good,only that i got blisters too early like 8 miles too early for the race it rained and was slippery all the way,but God made me to have run that far,i will leave tomorrow to kenya but i will keep intouch,take care, Joseph

It must have been a hell of a race. His pace was actually faster than the winner’s pace. Joseph came down in September to help me with my running and held a free running clinic for anyone interested in learning how the Kenyan’s do it… Good going, JM.

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