LA. 11 Oct 2012.

You have to wonder what on earth was LA thinking? That he’d pull it off? Hubris? I suppose but you can run but you can’t hide. Fake is Fake. An actor acting? One down, many to go..? A friend of mine always says: ‘When you cheat, you only cheat yourself…’ After the first two races — this began to seem obvious to everyone other than the star struck. Like watching a Shakespearean play — in which the antagonist is talking to someone in plain sight of the protagonist — yet the protagonist can’t hear the treachery being planned. You want to yell: — he’s right in front of you. But, Alas! Kinda’ like the Bruce Willis film, The Jackal. Where Bruce was so poorly disguised that you kept muttering in every scene — ‘Look for the guy that looks just like Bruce Willis.’ Ah. If it were easy — everyone would be doing it. Right? And therein lies our answer… or rather problem.

Published by William Vaughan

filmmaker, artist

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