LA. 26.5 Aug 2012


It wasn’t much of a shock to have read about the recent developments in the Lance Armstrong doping case. The French have been on it for ten years. Maybe if he’d stopped at four Tour wins? I suppose that very same hubris could be blamed on the Financial Crisis too. Like they said in the Coen brothers film ‘No Country for Old Men’ — ‘You can’t stop what’s coming.’ Regardless, whether you’re Lance and the Tour, Jon Corzine and MF Global or Richard Perry and the circuitous funding of BogusBiotech companies — you, in all likelihood, won’t be able to stop the laws of probability. Possibility, yes. Probability… that’s very, very doubtful.

On a lighter note… This is a great CD. Difficult to find… But worth finding and hearing. Another something in the ‘not faked up’ column… And you thought it couldn’t be done.

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