Kenya! 10 Aug 2012.

Rudisha, who has spoken of his desire to race Usain Bolt in the 4 x 400m Relay, said: ‘It was something special. A world record in the Olympics is something fantastic. I believe I’m going to maintain for a couple of years. I want to become a legend in the 800m.

‘I was expecting this year to run a 1:40 and already I’ve done it here so I still want to see how I am going to feel in a few weeks before my last race, whether I can still push it or chase for the world record. If I get (good) weather I can try to do it again. ‘Nobody has ever done the world record in the 800m without a pace-setter and I thought it was going to be difficult. I knew I could run 1:41, but breaking the world record was a different story.’But I was very determined and I knew that I’m in good shape this year. When we started in the heats on Monday I felt the track was fast and I was just praying we would get perfect weather for a fast race.

‘To break the world record here is something special and I couldn’t believe it myself.’

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