Storyboard. 15 Jul 2011.

TTIF Storyboard 6-28-11 from Ed Vaughan on Vimeo.

This is the completed storyboard based on the sure-to-be-changing screenplay TTIF. I drew the illustrations over the last four weekends and am pretty sure that I don’t want to see a digital tablet for a long while. That said: I just added an opening scene to replace a couple that were not working that well. Another scene came to me last night — that could be interesting. Did I just say that it would be a while before I used the digital tablet again? What a liar…

We began adding in dialogue to the storyboard after fits and starts in the recording process — one thing led to twenty — but all solved now. Well, sort of. It’s interesting — after you’ve made several goes at getting the written page recorded — you begin to, because of ¿boredom? — to muck about with dialogue. It is producing some very interesting results that will feed neatly into the next re-write. The things we do for love.

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