President Obama. 2 Jan 2011.

I received a call from Senator Jeff Bingaman’s office a couple weeks ago while I was in LA. When I was in Santa Fe in late June and I’d taken one of the Kenyans, Jynocel Basweti, with me to dinner with friends. One of my friends asked Basweti what he thought about the President of the United States being of Kenyan origin? He answered, with a huge smile on his face, that it made him incredibly proud to be a Kenyan in a country that was progressive enough to elect President Obama. I asked Senator Bingaman if it would be possible to request from the White House, photographs of the President, for the Kenyans in my film. I received those photos last week and was proud to have received a photo for myself as well. Many thanks again, Senator Bingaman. We all appreciate your kindness and effort.

We need more Jeff Bingaman’s. We need more Barak Obama’s in United States politics.

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