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I hate it when the digital dopplegang fails. Here it has. It’s a PNG file which has worked flawlessly ad naseum. Not this time. So we shall rescue it with the good, old analogue version.

International Film Series
Chasing Keino
Ebony Goddess
Run Away Slave
Cold April
Example of Fighting Against Exclusion
Sortie 67
Nego Fugido
The Story of the Mean Dragon

IBFFN Music Series
Walk Right In
Liebes Lied “Love Song”
Voices of the South
Broke Struggling and Still Independent
The Wayman Tisdale Story

This year’s festival expects filmmakers from all over the world to converge on Nashville. The festival presents more than 65 films representing the United States, Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe and South America to name a few.

Since its start in 2006, the number of films submitted for consideration and attendees has nearly tripled. This year, organizers expect thousands to be in attendance.

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