Jeff. 7 Aug 2010.

As we approach the anniversary date for vaughan+STUDIO‘s inaugural film website and BLOGS, we’d like to thank everyone that has visited. We have had some 4,700 hits either through my film, chasing KEINO, or the arts and we haven’t even crossed the one year anniversary. We have, likewise, had hits from most all European countries as well as the Russian Federation, Singapore, Australia, India and Jah, man — Jamaica. Thanks, amigos!

Given that we’re about to cross that dateline on 27 August – it seems like it might be fun to play ‘Who is it?’ and ‘What the HELL is it?’

CATEGORY 1: Who IS it?
Is Jeff:
a. Jeff Bridges?
b. Jerry ‘Jeff’ Walker
c. Jeff Zucker
d. Jeffrey Katenzeberg
e. Russell Crowe (disguised as Jeff)
f. Jeff (disguised as Russell Crowe)

CATEGORY 2: What the HELL is it? (More later.)
I’ve been hard at work on new art which, hopefully, I will post tomorrow under CAT 2.

Good morrow!

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