Boone. 21 Jul 2010.

Richard Boone was one of my very all-time favorite actors. He starred in Paladin, the 1960 TV series. His most memorable role, to me, was his role as Cicero Grimes in the Paul Newman film, Hombre. It was a revisionist western, not unlike my favorite western, the Jim Mangold re-do of 3:10 to Yuma. 3:10 seems to be such a metaphor – when you watch the western films Peck made, like the Mangold re-do – you realise that to an ‘average viewer’ the film is just a western. If you look more closely – there is a hell of a lot more being said/commented on – a hell of a lot more story and inference. If you are literal in your interpretations – these films will mean next to nothing to you. However, if your capture system is more broad based, these films are gold mines of thought.

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