JS. 28 May 2010.

Julian told me that he looked like a young Marlon Brando and that Phillipe Starck looked like Zero Mostel. I’m not sure about that. Really not sure that Phillipe would agree either. But I do see his point. I am happy to say that a critical turnaround element in my script was just broached. And broached very elegantly in a technical sense. I love the collaborativeness of this sport. I am very lucky that people find value in what I’m attempting because – I don’t look like Brando. Or Mostel for that matter. Well. More like Zero Mostel than Brando but let’s stop there… LOL. I have 68 pages of script that I will finish out to roughly 80 pages and then begin condensing for the second draft. The goal is to have a shooting script by late in the year and begin early stage casting calls in February/March. I’m always amazed at how fast you envision things moving and how slow the actuality is… perception gapping? I really like the script, even in first draft form – I think it has legs… A friend of mine is on the super secretive, highly coveted, beta testing for RED’s new EPIC camera. Can’t wait to see what that camera will do. Will be heading over to Montana to stay with my friends that were with Michael Dell very early on in Austin. Always enjoyable and always intellectually stimulating. Allez!

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