¡fete BOOM! 2 Feb 2010.

While we’re centered on music – I’m not sure – some noise around this – but I heard late last night that NY saxophonist, Bill McHenry, is playing at Saxon Pub in Austin, TX tonight.

Jazz is a music that eventually prizes iconoclasts, but positively reveres antecedents. Part of the game in evaluating a young player is figuring out where he or she came from, stylistically. And that’s what makes Bill McHenry so pleasantly perplexing. He partakes of the lineage, certainly: As a saxophonist, he’s studied Sonny Rollins and Dewey Redman, but sounds like neither. His musical presence is more circumspect; his sound is smaller, but not at all ungenerous. McHenry’s compositions in some respects recall those of Thelonious Monk and Ornette Coleman, but not entirely, and not slavishly. These sessions were originally recorded live at the New York’s Fat Cat Jazz Club during the summer of 2005, and certainly, the quintet McHenry led is the band with which to hear him, a band that combines youthful energy with veteran experience.

And the bummer envelope, please…

I’d be happy to go to texas if there was a gig- Glad you enjoyed it-

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apologies. i was pretty excited to see that you were playing in austin. i’m not surprised that you haven’t played down here – it can be sort of a dumb state. will try to catch you the next time i’m in nyc. you guys were incredible at village vanguard!



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On Feb 2, 2010, at 11:01 AM, Bill McHenry wrote:

Hi Ed-
I don’t know what you were looking at but I’ve never played in Texas- no date scheduled- sorry!

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