Running – Kenyan Style

The Kenyan runners, schooled by Brother Colm O’Connell in Eldoret, say that running flatfooted is preferable to the traditional “heel-to-toe” running prescribed largely in the US. The reason being – flatfooted mechanics actually are less stressful on the lower leg and produce less injuries. This orientation actually allows for quicker turnover.

The Kenyans are big proponents of training smartly. They:
a. Stay off of hard surfaces. Hard surfaces are reserved for competition.
b. Warm up very slowly on runs and gradually pick up the pace. This allows the muscles to warm up and be used more efficiently and with less risk of injury.
c. Make sure that running shoes are not at the end of their recommended life (mileage), as this can bring injury.
d. Engage in very rigorous post run stretching.
e. Feel a twitch in a hamstring or IT band they will take the day off and ice it rather than trying to push through it and run the risk of taking four weeks off because of an injury.
f. Listen to your body.
g. Resting is as important as exercising.
h. You beat me today – I’m going to beat you tomorrow.

We’re Up and Very Nearly Running

Hello All,

We are very nearly finished with film duty on the current project “chasing KEINO”. The prior edit of “chasing KEINO” was selected by the International Film Festival South Africa and was nominated for “Best First Film”. It was also selected by COMMFEST Global Film Festival in Toronto, Canada.

We are, likewise, very much looking forward to starting a new picture that will be more to feature film-like but shorter form. We are currently working on the script and hope to have it finished by late October in Sun Valley, Idaho. We have a very interesting cast of characters tinkering with pre-production and are hoping this combo will produce some noteworthy cinematic results. We are also hopeful that ©RED will be able to maintain the original delivery schedule for the ©Epic and ©Scarlet series cameras.

We also have a website that is up: