SDBFF. 30 Jan 2010.

This weekend San Diego is hosting the third largest black film festival in the country. The festival is being attended by such VIPs as actor Danny Glover and director Spike Lee.

Bobby Brown, Victor Willis of the Village People, Kenny Gamble, and a slew of up and coming stars graced the red carpet with Host Kiki Shepard on Friday.

Festival movie showings continue through Sunday at the U.A. Horton Plaza 14, 7th and G St. downtown.

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Texas Black Film Festival. Dallas. 22 Jan 2010.

Certain films which are worthy of Honorable Mention are not programmed due to various factors including: screen availability; appeal to small niche audiences; or TBFF lacking any Premiere status. The following films, although not programmed, received Honorable Mention.

Chasing Keino dir. by Ed Vaughan (Dripping Springs, TX)
The Fire Inside dir. by Monique Walton (Austin, TX)
Coming Correct dir. by Joseph L. Stovall (Lawrenceville, GA)
River Toll dir. by Kenny Brown (LA, CA)
Brothers, Inc. dir. by Michael Johnson (LA, CA)
Johnny’s Leaving dir. by Kali Baker-Johnson (Maplewood, NJ)

It would have been fun to have screened cK in Dallas, but equally nice that the work was appreciated.

Lloyd, again? 21 Jan 2010.

I really couldn’t resist. He’s in the news again with the GSCo. earnings release today. When I said, in the post below, his eyes were asymmetrical and squinty. There was something subliminal that I couldn’t put my finger on. Until now.

Doesn’t Lloyd resemble Popeye? He only really has one squinty eye – his right. Just like Popeye. Eh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh. (I think that’s how Popeye laughs. Lloyd may laugh louder, though… he’s using taxpayer money).