Ray. 14 Jul 2011.

Raymund D Nasher from Ed Vaughan on Vimeo.

I brought Mr Nasher to Austin in 2006 to speak to the burgeoning arts community about ‘Collecting & Philanthropy’. This is an excerpt of the film that I made on 12 November 2006. It remains a great treasure of mine. Guys like Ray Nasher are a rarity in today’s world. They are, unfortunately, being replaced by cheaper, less humanistic and less visionary models. And that is a downstroke for the future of all things cultural.

21 June 2011.


Bill McHenry is such a King-Kong tenor player. I see him every time I’m in NYC at the Vanguard. I’ve never heard anyone play like Bill. We talked in the back of Vanguard after his first set there with Paul Motian last November about the scoring that he’d done for the film ‘The Visitor’. He played a solo that was just incredible — I’ve never heard anyone solo like that. It was like lightening in a bottle. Really compressed energy that you kept expecting to break loose but he kept it in check. Incredible.