Newest. 26 Sept 2010.

I hate it when the digital dopplegang fails. Here it has. It’s a PNG file which has worked flawlessly ad naseum. Not this time. So we shall rescue it with the good, old analogue version. Chin-chin. International Film Series Chasing Keino Ebony Goddess Mozambique Run Away Slave Cold April Example of Fighting Against Exclusion SortieContinue reading “Newest. 26 Sept 2010.”

Jaques Herzog. 25 Mar 2010.

‘If you grow up in Switzerland, with it’s hard core democracy, then you travel, you realise we have reached our limitations – the popular vote is not an expression of freedom any more but the manipulation of an agenda by the political class and politics is just a game played among politicians.’ – Jaques Herzon,Continue reading “Jaques Herzog. 25 Mar 2010.”

Bluebird of Englishers? 10 Mar 2010.

It is neither the Bluebird of happiness or the national bird of England. We, of course, know that to be the European Robin. It is a Idaho Pileated Woodpecker seeking refuge from a snowstorm under a tree at a friends house. The other snap is of my friends from the UK. They are watching myContinue reading “Bluebird of Englishers? 10 Mar 2010.”