Running – Kenyan Style

The Kenyan runners, schooled by Brother Colm O’Connell in Eldoret, say that running flatfooted is preferable to the traditional “heel-to-toe” running prescribed largely in the US. The reason being – flatfooted mechanics actually are less stressful on the lower leg and produce less injuries. This orientation actually allows for quicker turnover. The Kenyans are bigContinue reading “Running – Kenyan Style”

We’re Up and Very Nearly Running

Hello All, We are very nearly finished with film duty on the current project “chasing KEINO”. The prior edit of “chasing KEINO” was selected by the International Film Festival South Africa and was nominated for “Best First Film”. It was also selected by COMMFEST Global Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. We are, likewise, very muchContinue reading “We’re Up and Very Nearly Running”