Larry Madaras. Feature Film Editor. 4 Sept 2009.

Hey Ed, The technique of showing an action oriented clip from near the end of a movie at the beginning has a long history. Sometimes it’s planned, often it isn’t and is implemented to pump a movie that isn’t working. The basic idea is to increase “the jeopardy” that the audience feels for the bulkContinue reading “Larry Madaras. Feature Film Editor. 4 Sept 2009.”

vaughan+studio featured on UK Finalcutters Website. 30 Aug 2009.

A number of ©Digital Heaven plugs were used in the editing of “chasing KEINO”. Not the least of which being the ©DH Subtitles plug. I was only advised of it after having re-subtitled “KEINO” for the third time. I highly recommend it – after having torn all of the hair from my head after theContinue reading “vaughan+studio featured on UK Finalcutters Website. 30 Aug 2009.”

Music for Late August. 28 Aug 2009.

1. Kunze Kwadoka – Oliver Mtukudzi 2. Four Days Gone – Buffalo Springfield 3. Elle A Le Swing Au Corps – Charles Avnavour 4. Snoopy’s Search/Red Baron – Billy Cobham 5. There Wasn’t Anything – Eluvium 6. Out of the Picture – Son Volt 7. Vuelo Al Sur – Gotan Project 8. Scare Easy –Continue reading “Music for Late August. 28 Aug 2009.”

Queensborough Bridge, NYC. 31 Jul 2009.

We used QbB as a test location for a “work-in-progress”, to see if we could capture what the script encapsulates, visually. We set-up at 6:30AM to avoid on bridge foot traffic but also to shoot in the intense morning light that bathed the structure. We filmed with a ©RED One fitted with a ©RED PrimeContinue reading “Queensborough Bridge, NYC. 31 Jul 2009.”

Moses Kororia. Kenyan. 22 May 2009.

I met Moses Kororia this summer in Santa Fe whilst filming “chasing KEINO”. He was one in a family of 13 children in foster care to Kenyan parents. Moses placed second in the 2007 Los Angeles Marathon and thirteenth in this years race in LA. I asked Moses what he thinks about as he approachesContinue reading “Moses Kororia. Kenyan. 22 May 2009.”