Post. 3 Sept 2019.

This is not at all a “blowing” record. “Prehensile Dream,” in fact, features hardly any soloing at all. The mesmerizing melody is simply repeated, with increasing urgency, until the same haunting guitar arpeggios that began the tune return to end it. Similarly, “Reclusive” and “Melismatic Clouds of Joy” build melodies into ecstatic yet mournful cries,Continue reading “Post. 3 Sept 2019.”

Post. 1 Sept 2019.

“Why ever change the subject?” Francis Bacon asked. “You could go for the whole of your life painting the same subject.” So he did: dominating postwar figurative painting with enthralling virtuosity and infinite variety. Almost all his compositions feature a figure, recognisable but blurred, distorted, convulsed, within an airless, confined space. Rigorously, there is noContinue reading “Post. 1 Sept 2019.”