Post. 31 Jan 2019.

This is a smart sequence. Mike and Caroline coming together, revealing they have a past, the acerbic dialogue, the way he tries to throw her off and the way she stakes him out, the mysterious caller giving Mike (and us) context for Caroline’s actions, all excellent. It feels like the story is ramping up and there’s a failed relationship to spice the mix.

Strong scene. Excellent dialogue. We get our first real glimpse into Mike. His monologue is both deeply personal and entirely relatable. It does seem to come a little out of nowhere. Why does he tell Pablo this now? Is there some way Pablo can better trigger this?

Another strong sequence that keeps things moving on all fronts. Mike and Caroline’s relationship grows more complex, she questions him about fucking with the company stock, they have sex, he messes with her phone. Good, vital, active stuff.

Another scene in which important information is imparted via the phone. Also, another mysterious character. We already have someone sending her texts and Mike’s Unknown voice character. One “Deep Throat” is okay, but more than that and they begin to seem convenient.

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filmmaker, artist

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