Post. 23 Nov 2018.

“When Katzenburg instituted attendance-required meetings on weekend mornings (the origin of his famous edict, “If you’re not going to show up on Saturday morning, then don’t bother showing up on Sunday”), the animators were incredulous. Disney had become Mauschwitz.”

Quote from: The Men Who Would Be King

Nicole LaPorte

That’s a hilarious quote and an interesting book on DreamWorks SKG. I always thought it was a successful venture. Evidently not. The writer’s access was shutdown in a lot of the ways we see playing out on TV today.

The LaPorte book coincides with the recently published Michael Ovitz book: Who is Michael Ovitz. Both books are about greed gone wrong and it’s individual and collective effects. They’re also about access to capital; that’s something that’s often overlooked in these analyses. Access, obviously, doesn’t guarantee success. Look at Sears or Theranos. Or DreamWorks.

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