Post. 16 Nov 2018.

Delhomme: I didn’t care about beauty. I didn’t care if the frame was perfect. I cared about the soul of the shot—about capturing the soul of the shot and Van Gogh’s soul. I didn’t care about small, technical problems. If you start to think, “I don’t care about small, technical mistakes, because these mistakes can be beautiful,” you can go to another level. I think this is very important.

If you’re scared to make mistakes and you try to make things perfect, you limit yourself artistically. This is what painters know. When painting, mistakes are welcome. They are beautiful. I think I managed, for the first time in my life, to work as a DP as I work as a painter. I was surprised about what was in front of me, and used it in a nonconventional way. Those would be mistakes for some people.

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