Post. 30 Nov 2018.

“It’s as if the roll of each die were influenced by fluctuations in temperature, magnetic field, humidity, and such. Even if each die is affected differently by these fluctuating systematic forces, the systematic character of the fluctuation means that the average over many dice will itself fluctuate. In fact, the fluctuation of the dice averageContinue reading “Post. 30 Nov 2018.”

Post. 23 November 2018.

“If personal collectors increasingly outbid museums and galleries, so what (asks the film)? Public viewing facilities are cemeteries anyway: most of their aesthetic citizenry is buried underground. And aren’t personal collectors keeping art’s value high, where it should be? Or — back to Oscar — do we just mean art’s price?” – The Price ofContinue reading “Post. 23 November 2018.”

Post. 23 Nov 2018.

“When Katzenburg instituted attendance-required meetings on weekend mornings (the origin of his famous edict, “If you’re not going to show up on Saturday morning, then don’t bother showing up on Sunday”), the animators were incredulous. Disney had become Mauschwitz.” Quote from: The Men Who Would Be King Nicole LaPorte That’s a hilarious quote and anContinue reading “Post. 23 Nov 2018.”